The Power of Dust: An Elysian Tail

      Recently, most games I’ve played have been very entertaining, well made and have made a long lasting impression. Dust: An Elysian Tail did all that and more. It got to the core of my gamer <3. Just when I thought Metroidvania style games were getting repetitive and boring, along came Dust and… Continue reading The Power of Dust: An Elysian Tail

Tiny Thief – So ruthless, so cute so…. Tiny!

On a typical weekend morning I found myself performing the usual routine: get coffee, check Steam sales…. profit? When suddenly a wild game appeared on the screen called Tiny Thief. Apart from having a quite catchy name, it was the simple yet stylized character design that got my attention. Tiny Thief is a point and click… Continue reading Tiny Thief – So ruthless, so cute so…. Tiny!

Zen Bound 2

  Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote anything about games. This time I’ll write about a game that’s more than a game, it’s a meditative experience. In a digital world where apps and action driven games take over app stores and markets, Zen Bound stood out by offering an experience of relaxation… Continue reading Zen Bound 2

Tequila and Guacamelee!

Hello there! Recently I’ve been consumed by school work and the excitement of opening my very first online shop, but that has not stopped me from some indie game fun. Here’s some Guacamelee! Guacamelee is a beautifully rendered action platform game with splendid bright color combinations and textures. It is based on a Mexican/Dia de… Continue reading Tequila and Guacamelee!

Fast and Easy Tutorial! * Change eye color using Photoshop

Hello there! 😀 This week I decided to write a quick tutorial (my first tutorial O.O ) about a simple yet efficient technique used by many to change eye color in Photoshop(I used CS6). There are many ways to apply this technique I’ll just show one of them. In just a couple of steps you’ll… Continue reading Fast and Easy Tutorial! * Change eye color using Photoshop

Let’s talk about Spirits!

Let’s talk about Spirits! I don’t mean the “I see dead people” type of spirits, of course I’m talking about the game that goes by the same name. xD Created by SpacesOfPlay , this award-winning puzzle adventure game takes you into a world where dying leaves become cute umm… white blobs with no hands, 2 feet… Continue reading Let’s talk about Spirits!

Ballpoint Universe – Infinite Review

From the moment I saw the thumbnail picture for this game, I was hooked. It reminded me so much of the drawings I used to make in school, when my short attention span wouldn’t allow me to pay attention, ah memories… Developed and designed by Arachnid Games, Ballpoint Universe Infiniteis a creative world fully hand… Continue reading Ballpoint Universe – Infinite Review